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Welcome to BioConstruct

BioConstruct is a technology provider which further designs, plans, builds, commissions and operates ready-to-use plants from a single source.

BioConstruct Group is a leading provider in the market for over 20 years and has delivered over 350 plants worlwide.

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About us

We develop, plan, construct, deliver, operate and maintain renewable natural gas plants across America. As a general contractor and plant manufacturer and engineering specialist for biogas projects we accompany you right away from the first idea and planning phase of your project.

For example, we create project design documents, provide support to procure regulatory permits, take on the required infrastructure and groundwork operations, deliver the complete plant, and carry out the required checks and performance test runs. Furthermore, we have a comprehensive knowledge of engineering and process technology, financing, permits, and operation. We are happy to advise you on the current legal environment, on possible revenue streams for biogas projects and entire project feasibility studies.

BioConstruct´s close relationship to its German entity enables access to further 150 highly qualified engineers and the experience of over 350  realized projects and owning & operating over 25 biogas plants.


Feel free to learn more about BioConstruct Germany here.

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What we do

Until today, we have built more than 350 biogas projects with a vast variety of input materials such as waste derived from agriculture, abattoirs, waste water treatment plants, municipalities and food industries. Each project is designed individually in line with local circumstances and requirements.


Please feel free to check our reference list and to ask for specific information for your own project.

Building Plans
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Project Development

Owing to the experience we have gained from the more than 40 projects we developed ourselves, we have everything needed for successful project development: agricultural knowledge, state-of-the-art planning software, time-tested contract templates, well-founded knowledge of corporation law and, not least, a vast network of project financing entities. With us, you can be sure of getting everything at reasonable cost from a one-stop-shop, from the "greenfield site" to complete project execution.


BioConstruct designs and constructs individual digester projects of several types. Having started with farm based plants, we have continuously increased our experiences on medium-sized communal plants and large industrial waste treatment plants up to a of 7.5 MW electric output (18.5 MW gas output). The gas generated from solid manure, liquid manure, waste, grass and energy crops can be directly used for electricity or upgraded and compressed to natural gas quality. BioConstruct provides the full EPC- scope including gas processing technology and civil engineering: the complete value chain from accepting and converting the raw material feedstock up to the gas or electricity injection point.

Operation and Maintenance

As leading experts in biogas engineering we undertake the monitoring and maintenance of your digester project following given maintenance intervals. Our repair and spare parts service is always available to you as a plant operator – as is an emergency service that's available around the clock for rapid troubleshooting. You can also use the BioConstruct expert and biogas services if you operate a plant by a different manufacturer.

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Find us

919 North Market Street, Suite 950, Wilmington

+1 (310) 359-2095

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